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How To Delete IMVU Account Permanently

Playing video games is something that is both entertaining and educational as well. if you are one of those players who likes to be social media nerd and always looking to attract more followers then you need to make a name for yourself and which site is best to give you this kind of thing is called

What exactly is the IMVU website?

It is very important to understand which platform you are using. IMVU is an online gaming portal social site that allows you to make avatars and enter the virtual world to connect with new friends and enjoy playing games. Here you will get to see more than 25 million virtual shops that give you enough customization and style according to your liking.

Delete IMVU Account

Using IMVU site you can share your EMOJIs chat with friends and plan a meet up in your areas. But sometimes if the users feel they have probably used too much IMVU and feeling apathy then you can disable IMVU account for good. Whatever the reason should be they have provided you the guideline you must follow.

This is the reason we have below listed some real facts about how to delete IMVU account 2019 to help you understand what are the steps you need to follow, can you also implement the same method on Android phones, and why you have to do this in the first place.

What are the steps you need to follow to delete IMVU account permanently?

Until today this site has more than 50 million users who are using this platform as a social base service with minimal effort to make the best eye-catching avatars associate with their personality or character. But once you delete your account all the avatars, status, messages, and other stuff will be abandon. Here are the steps you will follow such as,

Step 1: visit the official website

•    go to the and login to your account

•    search the IMVU account delete page

•    verify your avatar name and enter

delete imuv account

Step 2: confirm your ID and password

•    write your password and Email address

•    Click continue

•    You will receive an Email open it and confirm your IMUV account deletion

•    You’ve done it

Can you also implement the same method on android phones?

If you have installed IMVU app, then you can delete it from your Android and IOS phones. The process is the same including

Step 1: open your mobile settings

•    go to control panel and choose IMVU application

•    click to remove program option

•    confirm it and it will be removed from your phone


These are some real facts about how to delete IMVU account with easy steps. These methods are tested and tired well. You can use it and see how much it is worth in the first place.

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