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How to delete Personality cafe account – Superb method 2019

delete Personality cafe account

How much you are interested to join a community that help connects with the same minds? This seems quite obvious that people only wish to stay connected to those who enjoy conversation and makes new friends. This is the reason they seek out to use social media platforms that they can link and talk about freely.

A small intro of personalitycafe:

For many of you who don’t know that personality café is a kind of new social media site that allows you to post things you like and love but with interesting algorithms to sharp minds. This one has also played an important role to connect you with new friends who have the same goals or desires as you.

here you can come and ask a question related to any topic you want which puts to for a text quiz to see how much you are intelligent and hold sharp instincts. People of all ages can use this social platform as long as they can.

but for some reason, if you wish to not to use this and looking for better option how to delete personalitycafe account 2019 to help you understand which are the perfect steps to follow, what happens if this method does not work, and why you need to try this one out in first place.

Which are the perfect methods you can follow to delete personalitycafe account?

If you wish to longer participate in the website then you can simply delete your account because there are many ways to do that. but some may experience their account still exists and this can pose a threat to leak their personal information to anyone. Here are the simple steps you need to follow including,

Method 1: Go to the personalitycafe website

•    First, visit the official website

•    log in to your account

•    Scroll to the bottom of the page

•    After that click on delete my account

•    confirm the deletion process

•    You’re done

Method 2: send the complaint

•    You can delete your account manually

•    First, go to personalitycafe/sendmessage.php

•    check if your account is blacklisted or not

•    write them an account removal request

•    send them to complain of your original email

•    Your account has successfully deleted

What happens if this method does not work?

there is a 100% chance that these methods will work if somehow does not work and your account is still in the running process then go to the setting menu and see how much time you have to delete personalitycafe account. You can stop using it and the support team in 2 months will disable it permanently.

Why do you need to try this one out in first place?

Perseonalitycafe is a good community and self-awareness site that connects the same minds and talk about the sort of things online. But when you have all the knowledge and information then you can manually delete your account anytime

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