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How To Delete Skype Account Permanently|Complete guide

delete skype account

We all know that using Skype can be quite great to chat with your friends and families and also get to talk live in video sessions, but for some reason, if you are thinking not to use Skype and want to get rid of your personal account then you can delete skype account.

Importance of using Skype account:

delete skype account

Today Skype has more than millions of users all around the world and it can be used for video chatting and other purposes. But now there are smarter, intuitive programs have come that can make Skype a thing of the past.

below we have listed some real facts about how to delete skype account to help you understand what are the exact steps you need to choose, is it safe to follow this method, and why this could be a great idea in the first place.

Can you delete your Skype account permanently?

Unfortunately, there is no such button exists that can close your Skype account in one shot. If you want to close your account you want to contact Microsoft and follow the steps. But this way can take a lot of time.

Unlike other apps, Skype can make things difficult to permanently remove the account and initially you can deactivate it and then go on to the other procedures.

Which are the steps you need to follow to delete Skype account?

Skype requires removing all your personal and private information in the account and your first measure is to deactivate it and logs in back to delete it entirely including, phone number, name, area and much more. This will prevent anyone to get their hands on your Skype account. Here are the steps,

Step 1: Delete all the personal information

•    First, sign in to your Skype account and click on the username in the menu bar

•    Now click on the managed account and it will open the profile page

•    After go to personal information section and click on the edit button

•    clear all your personal details in the profile

Step 2: now modify the Skype avatar

•    Again login to Skype and go to profile and click on the avatar

•    select any new picture

•    delete the account from the login screen

Step 3: Remove username from Skype directory

•    Type and press enter

•    type %appdata%/Skype and click on Ok button

•    Now delete the folder of Skype account with your name

•    remove the username from Skype directory

•    After that reboot the system

•    You have successfully delete Skype account


These are the easiest and simple steps to delete Skype account 2019. this one is completely tested. This tutorial will help you solve your problem because you don’t need to get confused about Skype’s user interface. Just try it and you will see how much it’s worth it.

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