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Why should you delete the POF account?

delete pof account

Love is like an ocean, and you have to dive into it to complete yourself. That’s why intimacy and companionship are necessities for a human being. Consequently, a lonely person seeks out love at online platforms. One popular and highly recommended site is Plenty of Fish, which claims 100 million active users. We do not know the fact from any other source. But POF has a large number of active users.

In this article, we will tell you a few reasons to delete your POF account and use some other alternatives. So, you must keep reading for more.

Reasons to delete your POF account

You can stay at POF as long as you want. But the following reasons will change your mind for the better.

Too many fake profiles

The registration process of POF does not cater to one account per IP. That’s why one user can create many profiles. Due to this, there are too many fake profiles working on this site. You cannot tell which profile is a genuine one. That’s why you can be scammed by fake users. While hunting for a relationship, you can get trapped into something dangerous.

No ID confirmation

The site does not perform the ID confirmation. That’s why you cannot know for sure the identity of the person before the meetup. Moreover, you cannot use the profile data for legal action. The site does not provide the legal information of the users.

Too many ads

While browsing the site, you are bombarded with ads on each step. You encounter two to three ads on every page. That’s why it seems that the purpose of the site is only to promote paid content. These ads are taking your valuable time and attention. so its better to delete pof account.

No availability of chat

There is no application for an instant chat on the site. You have to send messages and wait for the reply. All this effort causes loss of time and effort, which can be saved by the presence of a chat application.

No availability of video chat

You cannot see the profile user in a live video. That’s why you will remain unaware of the user’s real looks and features. It’s because anyone can fake personality with charming photos and words. Video chat is a must for a trustworthy connection.

Fewer features in free account

The features are limited in a free account of POF. That’s why you are compelled to buy a premium membership.

Alternatives to POF

We will tell you a few alternatives to POF. The detail is below.


It is an app that matches you with a person with similar interests and preferences. You only need a picture to make an account.


This platform is all about going out and meeting new people. You can find many people in your area.


It is a platform for single persons. And it is growing at a rapid pace. You can find persons with similar interests.

Wrap up

Now, you are aware of the reasons to delete the POF account. So, you must act on your choice and transfer to any mentioned platform for finding love. Have a good day.

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